Your tour is fully customizable

You can personalize your journey to match your own preferences. Bold Himalaya does not force for fixed travel packages, but instead, we have suggested itineraries on our website that are merely suggestions that can easily be edited to suit your travel plans. 1. We start by asking each guest’s personal interests and goals for a tour 2. We then send a suggested itinerary according to interests, budget, and timeframe for travel. All tours are carefully designed and customizable. We continue the planning process with our guests until it is exactly to specifications. Each tour is customized based on the type of tour, group size, duration, and budget.

You are guaranteed to receive our best price

We commit to providing the very best value for money with our incomparable service. You can be certain you will get the most reasonable price from us and, in return, you’ll have the experience to cherish.

Our priority is your health and safety

We put your health and safety first when planning and executing our tours. Before taking our guests to visit any destination, we will have completed a full safety assessment of the trails, accommodation, and additional adventures that are part of the tour. Our team is fully equipped with the necessary gear for each trip, with our guides trained in first-aid so you will be in good hands. While you are traveling with us, our staff will be: 

  1. Managing all safety equipment
  2. Equipped with quality gear
  3. Trained to perform emergency rescues, if necessary
Our highly trained and experienced team

We are committed to providing excellent customer service and our guests continue to reward us with excellent reviews. We choose lodging based on cultural experience opportunities and our guests’ feedback.

Bold Himalaya’s high satisfaction rate

As a tour operator, the team at Best Himalaya believes adventure and cultural tourism should be sustainable. Therefore, we believe it is our responsibility to:

  1. Leave nothing behind but our footprints
  2. Clean up after our guests at each site
  3. Respect the local culture & community
Your payment is always secure

Our system will accept secure online payments with payment protection. If you must cancel your trip for any reason, you may:

  • Choose to transfer your tour to another designated person or
  • Receive a refund with no cancellation charge up to 30 days prior to the tour’s start date, as per our booking terms and conditions
  • If you wish you postpone the start of your trip, we will do all we can to accommodate your request, as seasonal weather restrictions allow.